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GreenFriends is an international, volunteer-based movement that promotes environmental awareness and participation at the individual and community levels. GreenFriends' goal is to promote environmental awareness by inspiring people to serve and protect Nature.

GreenFriends started in India in 2001 as a project of Embracing the World and has since spread across the globe, with thousands of members today throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. The mission of GreenFriends is to create a loving bond between humanity and Nature and to promote conservation through constructive action. Any service-oriented activity to protect and promote awareness and conservation of Nature can be considered a GreenFriends activity.

"Look at Nature. Nature is a text book from which we must learn. Each object in it is a page from that book. Each and every object in Nature teaches us something. Renunciation and selflessness are the greatest lessons we can learn from Nature. Nature sacrifices Herself for humans; whereas, we not only exploit Her, but destroy Her. Yet Nature serves us. The earth is serving us; the sun, moon and stars serve us. What to we do in return for their selfless service? Nothing except harm.

The unintelligent beings and things have no thinking power, yet they selflessly serve each other and humans. Humans have discrimination and yet they are utterly selfish. They are not even clearing their debts to Nature." - Amma

May all beings and life-forms live and thrive in harmony upon the Earth!

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Source Reduction Campaign

Amma has asked that we begin to concentrate our efforts of sustainable living on SOURCE REDUCTION. This means stopping waste before it begins. Instead of recycling plastics and other throw-away products that need to be processed for reconfiguration into another form, we need to start using products that are designed to last, or find an alternative way of living that eliminates the need for the product altogether.

You can now download an inspiring PDF introducing the Source Reduction Campaign.



January Tree Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Download the February 2018 GreenFriends Pacific Northwest newsletter!

The January newsletter contains interesting artciles on PNW Gardening, Backyard Herbal Medicine,
the PNW Litter Project and more.


The Problem with Straws

Americans use an estimated 500 million plastic straws daily. Five hundred million straws weigh about the same as 1,000 cars (close to 3 million pounds), which is a massive amount of plastic to throw in landfills on a daily basis.

Source reduction is an activity designed to reduce the volume, mass and/or toxicity of products throughout their life cycle. This insightful article looks at the impact straws have as a waste product and how the practice of source reduction can lessen this impact.


Too many straws...


Vote for Amrita Brands

One Minute to Support Green Agriculture

Friends, please help a farm out. Amrita Brands farm grows herbs and produce naturally, without any chemicals or pesticides. If they win this contest from Cultivating Change, funds will go toward the purchase of irrigation equipment, which will help conserve precious water. Voting is easy and only takes few seconds. Even if you already voted , please vote again (you can vote every 24 hours and are encouraged to do so)!.

Vote now


GreenFriends Farm News

Tree Planting

What: GreenFriends Farm is planting 200 trees

When: Saturday February 3

Time: 9am to 4pm

Who: All ages welcome

Where: Meet at the temple and we will be shuttling up Food: Lunch, water, snacks, chai provided



New Englanders Accept the InDeed Challenge
At the New England MA Center, people were asked to take the "InDeed Challenge".

The InDeed Challenge is asking each person to choose one new action they could take to protect the environment - something that they weren't already doing. They were asked to then communicate what action they were committing to. Finally, they submitted a photo to document their action and wrote a note to describe their efforts.

Here is what the New England satsang members pledged to do...

New England InDeed Challenge


Santa Fe, New Mexico Takes on Trash

Local Santa Fe , NM volunteers have turned out on several occasions to not only pick up trash, but also to dislodge and haul away more pervasive items like discarded tires and submerged mattresses.


Farmer's Yoga on International Day of Yoga and Harvests at Turtle Barn Organic Farm in Edmond, OK

Here is what Turtle Barn Organic Farm Crew did to celebrate The International Day of Yoga:

Farmers Yoga:

    Plant that seed
    Pull that weed!      



Stand Tall For Trees

An exciting new website, Stand Tall For Trees, has recently been launched that is dedicated to trees and tree planting . Endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall and others, this site has tips for tree planting, a tree wizard and lots of other useful information about getting going with trees.

See more...


Environmental News Stories

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Planting for Pollinators - From the US Fish and Wildlife Service


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