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GreenFriends is an international, volunteer-based movement that promotes environmental awareness and participation at the individual and community levels. GreenFriends' goal is to promote environmental awareness by inspiring people to serve and protect Nature.

GreenFriends started in India in 2001 as a project of Embracing the World and has since spread across the globe, with thousands of members today throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. The mission of GreenFriends is to create a loving bond between humanity and Nature and to promote conservation through constructive action. Any service-oriented activity to protect and promote awareness and conservation of Nature can be considered a GreenFriends activity.

"Look at Nature. Nature is a text book from which we must learn. Each object in it is a page from that book. Each and every object in Nature teaches us something. Renunciation and selflessness are the greatest lessons we can learn from Nature. Nature sacrifices Herself for humans; whereas, we not only exploit Her, but destroy Her. Yet Nature serves us. The earth is serving us; the sun, moon and stars serve us. What to we do in return for their selfless service? Nothing except harm.

The unintelligent beings and things have no thinking power, yet they selflessly serve each other and humans. Humans have discrimination and yet they are utterly selfish. They are not even clearing their debts to Nature." - Amma

May all beings and life-forms live and thrive in harmony upon the Earth!

For information on GreenFriends activities in your area, click on the GreenFriends in North America link at the top of the page.


Tree Planting Campaign

In honor of Amma's 65th birthday, an offering is beiong made to Amma of a gift of trees to be planted planted all over North America. Fall is a good time to plant trees in most areas. In coming weeks we will send out some basic information on how to plant trees, and where you can plant them, if you don’t own property or don’t have room. In recent times, hundreds of thousands of North American trees have been lost in devastating forest fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Let's do what we can.



Source Reduction Campaign

Amma has asked that we begin to concentrate our efforts of sustainable living on SOURCE REDUCTION. This means stopping waste before it begins. Instead of recycling plastics and other throw-away products that need to be processed for reconfiguration into another form, we need to start using products that are designed to last, or find an alternative way of living that eliminates the need for the product altogether.

You can now download an inspiring PDF introducing the Source Reduction Campaign.


Calculate Your Plastic Footprint


Amma is Presented with the Results of the Plastic Challenge

Amma was presented with the results of the Plastic Challenge in the form of a PowerPoint presentation while on the US tour. She had a very positive reaction when shown the plastic challenge results and was very happy it is happening.



India's Enduring Love for Trees

In India, trees have been regarded with deep respect and reverence for countless centuries. Amma has told us that in ancient times in India, people would perform a puja to worship trees. If there was a need to cut a tree down, or even before plucking its fruit or leaves, they would seek its permission and apologize.

“In the old days, there was no specific need for environmental preservation,” Amma says, “because protecting Nature was part of worshiping God and life itself.”

“More than remembering ‘God’, the people used to love and serve Nature and society. They saw the Creator through the creation. “They loved, worshipped and protected Nature as the visible form of God.” .

Read more of this fascinating article on India's relationship with trees through the ages...


October beans Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Download the November 2018 GreenFriends Pacific Northwest newsletter!

The October newsletter contains interesting articles on PNW Gardening, Backyard Herbal Medicine, the PNW Litter Project and more...


40 Trees

David Muncaster of Victoria, BC received instructions to "plant trees".

He enthuisastically responded by launching himself into a project that he had no idea where it would lead. Eventually he was able to plant 40 trees in a variety of locations with no doubt, many more to come.


Too many straws...


MA Center Washington, DC

Location: MA Center DC
9109 Harrington Dr. Potomac, MD 20854

Cost: $25

For more information, e-mail Mangala
Or register at:

Organic Gardening Classes

Saturday, March 10th, 10am – 12pm
The "nitty-gritty”"- an overview of designing and planting your home garden.

Saturday, March 24th, 10am - 12pm
A detailed look at planning your garden using the ashram garden as an example.

Saturday, April 7th, 10am - 1:00pm* Preparing the soil; hands-on learning in the ashram garden. Lunch included.

Saturday, May 12th, 10am - 1:00pm*
Planting your garden; hands-on learning in the ashram garden. Lunch included.

*classes may be rescheduled due to inclement weather


New Englanders Accept the InDeed Challenge
At the New England MA Center, people were asked to take the "InDeed Challenge".

The InDeed Challenge is asking each person to choose one new action they could take to protect the environment - something that they weren't already doing. They were asked to then communicate what action they were committing to. Finally, they submitted a photo to document their action and wrote a note to describe their efforts.

Here is what the New England satsang members pledged to do...

New England InDeed Challenge


Santa Fe, New Mexico Takes on Trash

Local Santa Fe , NM volunteers have turned out on several occasions to not only pick up trash, but also to dislodge and haul away more pervasive items like discarded tires and submerged mattresses.


Farmer's Yoga on International Day of Yoga and Harvests at Turtle Barn Organic Farm in Edmond, OK

Here is what Turtle Barn Organic Farm Crew did to celebrate The International Day of Yoga:

Farmers Yoga:

    Plant that seed
    Pull that weed!      



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