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Amritaculture: Grow as We Go Workshop Series

Trellis garden in the forest

"Even if we only have a tiny plot of land, we should try to grow a few vegetables, using organic fertilizers. Spending some time with our plants, we should talk to them and kiss them. This relationship will give us a new vitality." - Amma

If you ever wanted to follow Amma’s advice to grow your own organic food, now is the time. Grow as We Go is a super fun workshop series for all levels of gardeners. We will help you get started from the basics, or share tips and tools for intermediate and experienced gardeners. Our panel of instructors have a combined gardening experience of over 170 years, with degrees in plant physiology, horticulture, and more, as well as decades of dedicated gardening in home gardens, agricultural or garden-based employment, or Amma’s ashram gardens.

The Amritaculture team is excited to present “Grow as We Go”, an interactive workshop series where you will be growing vegetables along with the instructors!

“Grow as We Go” will help you learn all aspects of vegetable gardening, from planning to harvesting. Expand your understanding of how to select seeds or seedlings, how to transplant and care for them, and how to mulch, fertilize and protect them from common adversaries such as bugs and weeds. Learn more about how and when to harvest your vegetables.

In addition, we explore more ways to stay connected to devotion and spiritual practices while we have our hands in the soil.

Each month, receive a new set of pre-recorded materials relevant to the 2022 growing season, followed by a live interactive workshop with our panel of instructors


Enrollment is open!

You can enroll at any time—there is no cut-off date.

Monthly pre-recorded content in the form of slideshow presentations, articles and videos will be released on the 2nd Sunday of each month and be available for 1 year. Interactive Live Garden Workshops will be held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month, March to September 2022. Follow along in your garden with experienced gardeners!


Get one free workshop plus bonus material when you enroll for the full workshop series, as well as access to the interactive Community Discussion Board to connect with the Amritaculture Gardening Community all year long.

You decide the content! Participants enrolled in the full workshop series will have the opportunity to submit questions or topics they wish to cover on the Community Discussion Board. Those questions will have priority in the Q&A of the Live Workshops.

Instructor and Community Interaction!

Enjoy monthly live Q&A Sessions with a panel of seasoned, experienced gardeners. Share and exchange knowledge in monthly live presentations, and get practical support in helping your garden to thrive.

Gain access to an exclusive online community of like-minded sustainable gardeners in our Community Forum.

Amritaculture raised bed with tomatoes
Amritaculture raised bed with tomatoes

Amma keeps stressing the importance of everyone learning to grow organic food, and changing our relationship with Nature to be more honoring and caring towards all living beings. Our time in the garden can absolutely be a spiritual practice, and if we are able to feed people as well, that will be a great gift to our communities. Everyone can do some gardening. All you need is confidence and a willingness to try.

"I’m really enjoying the courses. I’ve been doing the two previous ones. I’m really learning a lot about gardening - thank you so much. I live in Ireland. We have a huge grounds and gardens, but I feel I really came into a jungle before I knew the basics. So I feel I’m really learning from you a lot of basic things that I was missing and also of course with the whole background of how Amma sees things, and the bigger picture, and I love it! "
- Aparna Ireland

"I’m so grateful for this course, thank you so much. I’m a total beginner. This course is perfect because I can get oriented on how to do this process. Now I can plan and prepare the soil. "
- Ahalya USA

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