Tree Planting Campaign

This year Amma will be 65. She rarely asks for anything at all, but for several years now, she has been asking us to plant trees. Will you commit to planting one tree (or more) this year, to celebrate Amma’s birth?

In honor of her 65th birthday, our goal is to offer Amma a gift of trees planted all over North America by her beloved children. Fall is a good time to plant trees in most areas. In coming weeks we will send out some basic information on how to plant trees, and where you can plant them, if you don’t own property or don’t have room. In recent times, hundreds of thousands of North American trees have been lost in devastating forest fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Let's do what we can.

Before Amma's birthday on September 27th, please take this ONLINE PLEDGE.

Please plant your tree before December 20th, which is the monthly Karthika, Amma's birthstar day.

Once you plant your tree or trees, please send photos of it and/or your tree-planting stories to We will keep you posted on how our gift is coming along!

Also visit our Tree Planting Resources page for great tree planting guidance and inspiration.

Feedback From Those Partcicpating in the Tree Planting Campaign
A Birthday Hazlenut Tree for Amma - Lynda Burton plants a baby hazlenut

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