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The Victoria, BC satsang has created a project called Feed the People. This is a non-profit initiative to work with First Nation's peoples on Vancouver Island to offer support for community and family gardens in order to help create food security. 

The first Get Growing workshops (in Canada) are April 11 and May 9 and 10 and are being held in W̱SIḴEM (Tseycum) First Nation Territory Community Garden in Saanich Bc. 

These workshops will be offered for free to key members (Health Support Workers) of the First Nation where the workshop is held. 21 people attended the first workshop with many of them wanting to teach in the near future.

The workshop is also being offered to the broader Greater Victoria community for a minimal fee which will cover costs and any additional funds will be used to purchase tools and fruit trees for the First Nation’s community. Efforts during the workshop are to provide a new medicine wheel herbal garden, as well as starters for the community garden beds already in place. The attendees are looking forward to sharing their new knowledge with other members of their community who are interested in creating home gardens as well. W̱SIḴEM (Tseycum) means "Land of Clay", so the First Nation's people are particularly interested in the no-dig method for their gardens.

The Victoria satsang is looking forward to offering the same support to all nine local First Nations and have begun contacts with two more.

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