Pacifiic Northwest GreenFriends Newsletters

Issue 85 August 2018 Download here


PNW Gardening

  • Backyard Herbal Medicine - Angelic Anise Hyssop
  • From Achala in Tacoma


  • From Dawn (Bhuvana) in Santa Fe


  • From Vandya in Maltby

Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration

  • The Perfect Day
  • Greenbelt Restoration Work Party: July 5
  • Book Review: The Man Who Planted Trees
  • Tree Planting Stats

PNW Litter Project

  • Litter Project and TerraCycle Stats

Greenriends Beyond the Pacific Northwestt

  • Walking Through the MA Center: Chicago Farmlands
  • Amma South Africa Plastic Project Update

August thistle

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