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Issue 75 October 2017 Download here


PNW Gardening

  • Backyard Herbal Medicine — Tarragon
  • Photos from our Readers Gardens

Tree Planting and Habitat

  • A Birthday Gift for Our Beloved Amma
  • How I Went About Planting Trees, Without Land to Plant Them On
  • How to Plant Trees
  • Special Opportunity!
  • Green Seattle Day: Plant a Tree
  • Our Greenbelt Restoration Project’s First Year Anniversary


  • The Fascinating Naga Linga Tree

PNW Litter Project

  • Litter Project and TerraCycle Stats

August eagle

This issue contains information about the Tree Planting birthday gift the Pacific NorthWest devotees are giving to Amma. If you’d like to participate let your satsang leader know how many trees you’d like to pledge to plant. Pledges are due on October 9 and the trees should be planted by November 5. If you live in the Seattle area, or don’t have a satsang leader, you can send your pledges to The newsletter also contains articles about how to plant trees when you don’t have land and instructions for planting trees.

On Sunday October 22 interested devotees will plant 35 trees in our GreenFriends Greenbelt Restoration site on Beacon Hill in Seattle. On Green Seattle Day (Nov 4) we have the opportunity to join others in planting thousands of trees in parks all over the city. September was the first anniversary of the Greenbelt project and you will find an article about that in the newsletter.

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