Source Reduction Campaign Amma's Wish
Amma has asked that we begin to concentrate our efforts of sustainable living on SOURCE REDUCTION. This means stopping waste before it begins.

Because of Amma’s desire, GreenFriends is conducting a Source Reduction Campaign (download the PDF or download the PowerPoint) throughout North America.

What is Source Reduction?

Instead of recycling plastics and other throw-away products that need to be processed for reconfiguration into another form, we need to start using products that are designed to last, or find an alternative way of living that eliminates the need for the product altogether.

Take the 3-Step Plastic challenge and show Amma you care!

Source reduction saves the earth by:

  • Reducing pollution
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Putting less trash in landfills
  • Reducing energy usage
  • Reducing transportation costs

Learn about the current problem, what you can do about it, and then take the Plastic Challenge

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