The 3 Step Plastic Challenge

Our Beloved Amma has requested that her children take up the challenge of Source Reduction - preventing waste and pollution before it actually happens - to live a more sustainable life on our precious Mother Earth.

To honor Amma's request, we are launching a Plastic Challenge that asks all devotees to take steps towards reducing their plastic footprint (plastic usage). The results of this challenge will be offered to Amma this summer during Her US Tour 2018.

The 3 Step Plastic Challenge

    "A goal of the plastic challenge is to have significant results of plastic reduction by devotees and MA Centers and satsangs to show Amma that we really care when she arrives to North America this summer, a kind of show and tell...

    However, most significantly to Amma, the goal is to increase our awareness of how our choices contribute to this issue…and that, hopefully, we begin to make better choices in the long run, to align our lives to be more in harmony with all beings on our precious Mother Earth.

    As Amma says, 'Creator and creation are one and the same. May we awaken to this Truth through this process'.

    - Bri. Rema Devi, one of Amma’s Senior American Disciples

Step 1. Initial Footprint Calculation Period (March*)

* The earlier you calculate your initial footprint, the longer you’ll have to practice awareness of your plastic usage and make changes towards your pledge.


Step 2. Footprint Reduction Period (March - April 20th)

  • After completing Step 1, spend the the following weeks, up to April 20th, honoring your pledge to Amma (reducing your plastic footprint) and educating yourself on eco-friendly plastic alternatives.

  • To aid in this request, GreenFriends NA is continuously publishing videos and articles on the GreenFriends Source Reduction Website and The Plastic Challenge NA Facebook Page.

Step 3. Improved Footprint Calculation Period (April 20th - April 27th)

  • On April 20th, an email will go out requesting all participants to fill-out the Plastic Challenge form again – this time, with the numeric estimate of your ‘new plastic footprint’.

  • This will be considered your "After" Footprint



Amma has asked that we begin to focus efforts towards sustainable living through source reduction for many years now.

We will be tabulating the "Before" and "After" metrics for each region on May 1st. These results will be presented as a gift to Amma from all her children at the US Tour 2018. Additionally, the results of this campaign will be displayed in each tour city at the Green Friends table in hopes to inspire others to do their part. Let’s show Amma we are listening!

If you need additional assistance, please e-mail Please be sure to include your state (name or abbreviation) in the Subject of your email. For California, please use “NCAL” for areas above Santa Barbara and “SCAL” for Santa Barbara and South.

May we each strive to do whatever we are able to do, to honor Amma's guidance, which flows out of her compassion for each of us!

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