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Pacific Northwest Tackles Plastic Source Reduction
Amma's 3 Step Plastic Challenge is now underway and the Northwest Region is off to a rockin' start! Several Pacific Northwest satsangs came together in conjunction with SOLVE Oregon in a statewide beach clean-up on March 24th with team name. 'Amma's Hands in the Sand'.

At Oregon's Nye beach, 89 people in the community came together and picked up 320 lbs of trash and recyclables!! There were wonderful conversations between people about plastic reduction. All were open and willing to see what changes they each could make going forward. People came out in the rain from as far away as Portland and Albany to make this possible. A special thanks to The Surfrider Foundation for supplying all the gear. What an incredible way to serve Mother Nature.

Others from the Pacific Northwest are also making strides to reduce their plastic footprint in various ways such as:

Buying in bulk

Cleaning up plastic on the beach

Using refillable coffee cups

Bringing tiffins to restaurants, using a Soda Stream, and natural wax paper instead of plastic wrap
One resident has been communicating with coffee shops in her area asking them to use alternatives to plastic straws and to encourage their customers to bring their own cup that doesn’t require a straw. Check out plastic straw alternatives such as https://www.aardvarkstraws.com/

These are just a few of the ways the Northwest US is stepping up to the challenge.

Do you have a personal story to tell about how you are working to address the problem with plastic? Send it in (preferrably with photos) to info@greenfriendsna.org


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