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Amma Shop: Adventures in Reducing Plastic

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Inspired by Amma's teachings about caring for Mother Nature, Swamini Ambikamrita Prana asked Sharani, a fellow GreenFriend and Amma Shop sevite (volunteer), to look into the reduction of plastic packaging in the Body Care, Aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic departments of the bookstore. This was in 2019 at the MA Center in San Ramon, CA, where these products are managed and shipped for Amma's tours and satellite bookstores around the world. Since these departments make, bottle, and label the majority of the products they offer, it was a practical and realistic goal because choosing and designing the packaging is part of this Amma Shop seva.

Diya, a GreenFriend who also has experience in the cosmetics industry, volunteered to help Sharani research sustainable packaging options. Diya was passionate about this seva as she was well aware that the cosmetics industry adds over 120 billion pieces of plastic to landfills every year. She was able to find a few packaging options (there weren't too many!) and they finally settled on a company that was interested in more natural packaging solutions. A pleasant surprise and special bonus was that glass and bamboo options were super elegant and there were plenty of options for the variety of products currently offered at The Amma Shop.

Plastic free packaging
Some of the plastic free products
Over the past year and a half, as the plastic packaging supplies have been used up, the bamboo and glass bottles and lids have been phased in. While not all products had the packaging converted to glass, as it would not be safe to have glass in the shower. However, the face creams, facial oils, body lotions, massage oil and face wash were all successfully converted.

We are excited to share that over the past year and a half over 2000 plastic bottles and lids have been eliminated! The Amma Shop will continue to find ways to further reduce plastic waste, AND this was a huge step in the right direction.

Graph of plastic bottles used


May we all increase our awareness of how our purchasing decisions affect Mother Earth. May we do our best to find ways to express our gratitude and love for Nature by reducing our use of plastic and other environmentally damaging materials. May we put effort in finding ways to live more harmoniously and healthily with all beings. May all beings be happy and peaceful!

Please check out some of the Amma Shop offerings - they make great gifts!







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