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A GreenFriendsNA.org website visitor shares his tips on conserving both water and electricity:

Water Conservation

My name is Ravi. Seeing your website triggered past memories! Sharing my experience from when I landed in USA 44 years ago on August 8, 1975! Two things that struck me immediately, coming from water-scarce India even in 1975 were:

  • The wastage of water when water fountains are used! Maybe half the water goes into a mouth, while the other half valuable water goes down the drain!

    - Solution - do not use water fountains directly! Use a cup to fill the water from the fountain to decrease wastage of water! Or open your mouth before starting the water fountain (this is a little more tricky since one does not know the water pressure that comes out!)

  • The wastage of water from showers and faucet brushing teeth/rinsing mouth!
    - Solution - use a bucket and mug to shower or brush teeth instead of shower/faucet to conserve water usage ... and still get a good shower and clean teeth!!

Electricity Conservation

With the onset of an explosion of electronic devices in the 21st century, there are many many devices that are idle more than half the time, but they still consume electricity ... in a very small way. But you know the adage, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Such is the case with electricity as well.

As with water, electricity shortages also exist globally ... just like in India! Globally, everywhere there's a cell phone, but as you know, India is in short supply of not just water, but also electricity. Many countries are in a similar situation. What can we do to cut down electricity consumption .... in small ways that adds up to a giant number!

  • Unplug all devices when not in use! - Chargers, Night lamps, Fans, TV, Microwave, Alexa, Night lamps, etc. Each one of the above uses power even when not in use! The proof of this is the charger body that will be warm even when not charging. All it takes is a few seconds to unplug when not in use, and a few seconds to replug to use it. An insignificantly small inconvenience goes a long way in energy conservation globally!
  • Turn off computers, iPads, iPhones, Mouses, Key Boards, etc. at least nightly when going to bed What this does miraculously is lead to the following benefits:
    • Conserves and saves electricity cutting the electricity bill
    • longer life to the electric devices
    • Prevents the damage to devices from power surges and lightning related burnouts
    • Less opportunity for electric shocks
    • Leaves more energy for the next generation!

Download this informative Natural Resources Defense Council issue paper: Home Idle Load: Devices Wasting Huge Amounts of Electricity When Not in Active Use

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