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Pacific Northwest ETT Tree Planting Guidelines

A selection of resources for planting trees Oregon and Washington

Red cedar tree
Red cedar

If you’re looking to plant trees on your property or are helping with a tree planting project, we have compiled a few resources for you to select the best tree type for your area and purpose. Sometimes, contacting a local tree nursery or reaching out to your local University Extension Office can be the best way. The PNW ETT Team has also put together this quick guide to native trees and complimentary habitat plants, along with care instructions: ETT Native Trees for PNW Region (applicable to Oregon, Washington, British Columbia).

Washington State University Extension Office

Oregon State University Extension Office

Seattle Tree Selection Tool

Eugene Street Tree Planting Guide

Seattle area recommended nurseries include:

        Namaste Herb Farm, 206-861-5917

        Flower World

        MacCulf’s Valley Nursery

For a selection of Portland area nurseries, visit: https://www.trees.com/tree-nurseries/portland-or

To talk to a local Amma devotee knowledgeable about trees, reach out to:

(Washington): Visala Holbein 206-861-5917

(Oregon): Rachael Fairbanks 206-388-7621 

Other tree purchasing resources:


Forestry Resources


Other Helpful Resources


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