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GreenFriends North America Source Reduction Newsletter - February 2019

Amma and Source Reduction

Last year, to honor Amma’s suggestions regarding Source Reduction (reducing waste at the source aside from simply recycling), groups all over North America and over 350 individuals took the Plastic Challenge. It helped them learn about their plastic usage and make changes. Amma had a very positive reaction when shown the Plastic Challenge results and was very happy it is happening. Some of Amma’s responses were:

  • "Plastic is a big problem. Each item we buy comes with a plastic bag. There is even plastic in our sea salt because of all the pollution in the ocean."
  • "Disposable sanitary napkins are not good for the environment." (A western monastic devotee in Amritapuri designed reusable cloth napkins which she is getting produced in India and being sold by Amma Shop.)
  • "Everyone should bring cloth bags to the grocery store for bulk items including vegetables and also to carry the groceries out of the store."

Click here to read more about what Amma had to say, see efforts from all over North America and the results of the challenge.

Watch this powerful short video on the impact plastic waste is having on our oceans.

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Have you made efforts to reduce your plastic or other consumption? Does your satsang have any Source Reduction activities to share? Do you have tips or suggestions for others? E-mail info@greenfriendsna.org with your stories.

When you see the raw numbers and realize any small change to the good will make bigger impacts over time, it is much easier to be motivated. As with any negative behavior, awareness makes all the difference." - Tina

[N]ow, I don't use plastic bags when I shop for vegetables and I remember to bring in my re-usable bags with me (I forgot the first couple of times) to put things in when I check out. And if I forget them in the car, then I just put them back directly into the cart and load them into bags when I get to my car - but I make it a point to not collect any new plastic bags.“ - Pran


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