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The Santa Fe, New Mexico satsang has undertaken many GreenFriends initiatives over the years, the latest being the Los Arroyos Cleanup project. There are some neighborhoods around Santa Fe that are in need of cleaning up, with Los Arroyos being one of many. 

Local volunteers have turned out on several occasions to not only pick up trash, but also to dislodge and haul away more pervasive items like discarded tires and submerged mattresses.

In addition to sponsoring cleanup activities, Santa Fe is also home to a variety of environmentally focused workshops. The latest being the 2016 Biodynamic Conference - Tierra Viva: Farming the Living Earth.

The 2016 Biodynamic Conference focuses on offering practical skills in biodynamic and regenerative practices and exploring biodynamic principles and philosophy. Workshops are offered on

  • Making Biodynamic Compost
  • The Spirit of Healing Plants
  • The Sacred Self Within the Universe
  • Aztec Wisdom and Biodynamic Farming in Mexico
    and much more...
2016 Biodynamic Conference
The Tire Crew
Revealing the tire Digging the tire
The enTire crew
Finding buried treasure
Digging out the tire
April workshop Planting seed trays Mixing seeding soil
Picking trash
Finding a matress
The matress revealed
Peeling it back
Ah Spring!
Rolling it up
Hope springs eternal
Hauling it away
Matress pranams

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