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Embracing the Trees Update: Earth Day in Toronto
Brave and soggy tree planters
Brave and soggy tree planters

In honour of Earth Day 2023, a small group of devotees gathered for a city-wide tree planting event.

The City of Toronto hosts tree planting events in the spring and fall, and anyone can join.

This was a great opportunity to kickstart the 2023 planting season, which is pretty short in Canada.

Despite the forecast for 100% rain, four sevites (volunteers) from Amma Canada arrived. The event itself was surprisingly well attended, and in under two hours, the group planted over 600 native trees, shrubs, and other species.

Digging holes to plant trees Don't break a shoe Many holes for many trees


Shovels and seedlings were provided. We dug holes in the marked off area of the city park, gently loosened the roots, and lovingly planted seedlings in the ground. Each seedling then gets protected with two buckets of mulch placed around the base.

We were completely covered in mud, soaked right through, and one of us even broke a shoe in the thick mud, but the mood was joyful and there was no dampening of our spirits as we looked forward to the next planting event, rain or shine.

Better weather for tree planting
Another small group of sevites joined the next weekend’s planting event, again planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs in the city’s parkland.

We are lucky to live in a city that supports tree planting, as well as other nature-oriented events such as woodland trail stewardship, invasive species removal events, and guided nature walks or bird viewing festivals. Participating in these events builds community and supports nature.

"Look at the beauty of nature. Living harmoniously with nature will in itself bring happiness and contentment." — Amma

Natasha - Toronto

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