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Embracing the Trees: MidSouth Community Members Stopped Talking and Started Planting!
Mahadevi Abhaya Varada Triptta
Shraon Anaswara Deepa
Triguna Ravi Andre
Amma’s Embracing the Trees (ETT) initiative arrived at the perfect time during the pandemic, giving us all a valuable service we "can do" during a time of so many "can’t dos".

The MidSouth region is growing trees from seeds, seedlings, and cuttings. These trees will be planted at MA Center Dallas and community member homes. Sharon in Wichita, Kansas, has already planted over 80 seeds and seedlings and shared the photo below of a baby white oak seed that sprouted in two weeks during our unusually warm fall weather.

The maple tree below grew from a 10-inch seedling to over 20 feet tall in five years! (Maple trees at a local nursery this size would cost $300 and take a crew and machinery to move and plant.) The ETT MidSouth tree-growing and planting team members are learning so much about trees that thrive in our area and are amazed at how quickly seeds can grow into fruit-producing trees. Pecan nuts, which are plentiful at MA Center Dallas, can grow into a pecan-producing tree in just 6-10 years!

The ETT team has found many innovative ways to grow trees for future planting. Varada and Triptta are growing fig tree cuttings, and Anaswara has a small orchard growing in 5-gallon recycled buckets donated by local restaurants.

Over 40 of Anaswara’s trees were donated by a friend who has yet to meet Amma. He is now interested in visiting MA Center Dallas, and he has many willow trees to donate next spring. Talking about our seed and seedling project with friends has created interest among non-devotees who find themselves with many seedlings on their property in need of adoptive homes.

White Oak sprout
White Oak sprout
Fast growing maple tree
Fast growing maple tree


Our ETT seed and seedling planting team is having fun learning to recognize trees by their leaves using a free cell phone app called LeafSnap. We guess what tree the leaf is from and then take a photo with the app. The LeafSnap app identifies the tree and provides the tree name and information about the tree species, including its growth patterns. Maha Devi and Anaswara enjoyed this fun guessing game with the seedlings growing wild at MA Center Dallas and realized that using the app to check your guesses would be fun for young people and adults everywhere.

The MidSouth ETT team aims to plant trees at MA Center Dallas in 2023 after a master planting plan is developed, which will include plans for adequate watering and permanent placements for the trees. Any trees that are not planted will be available for purchase to plant or give as gifts.

Triguna, Abhaya, Amala, Siva, Andre, and other teammates are busy researching the best trees for our area and locating power and water lines at the ashram so we won’t have any unwanted surprises when we plant.

After past shovel digging to plant trees at MA Center Dallas, we realized the hard clay soil warrants a small backhoe to dig holes, which will save time and our backs. Thankfully, our neighbor will provide this helpful equipment. We’ll amend the soil after the machine does the hard part of digging. In the Texas heat, planted trees benefit greatly from irrigation, so this is another goal our ETT teams are working on.

After hearing about MidSouth’s planting seeds and seedlings, an LA-based community member committed to starting 1,000 trees on his property. And we know many other MA Centers already had begun tree-planting initiatives as well. Every tree makes a difference, so, let’s all:

Tree donator
Tree donator
Tree seedlings
Tree seedlings
Tree plantingTree planting

To learn about what is happening in your region and get involved contact your regional ETT coordinators!

Contact List::

Amma Foundation of Canada Canada trees.ammatoronto@ammagroups.org
Amma Center IOWA With Midwest Region, MAC Chicago trees.ammacenteriowa@ammagroups.org
Amma Center New Mexico Southwest Region - States: New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming trees.macnm@macenters.org
MAC Atlanta Southeast Region: States: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida trees.macatlanta@macenters.org
MAC Chicago and MAC Michigan MAC Chicago and MAC Michigan Midwest Region: States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan. MAC Chicago: trees.macc@macenters.org MAC Michigan: trees.macmi@macenters.org MAC Chicago: trees.macc@macenters.org

MAC Michigan: trees.macmi@macenters.org

MAC Dallas Mid-south Region: States: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana trees.macdallas@macenters.org
MAC DC East Central Region: States: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania trees.macdc@macenters.org
MAC Los Angeles Southern California Region: States: California (Southern - from Santa Barbara on south) trees.macla@macenters.org
MAC New England Northeast Region: States: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine trees.ammane@ammagroups.org
MAC New York Greater New York Region: States: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut trees.macnyc@macenters.org
MAC San Ramon Northern California Region: States: California (Northern), Nevada, Hawaii trees.macsr@macenters.org
MAC Seattle Northwest Region: States: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska trees.macseattle@macenters.org

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