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Wonders of Nature

"Look at the beauty of nature. Living harmoniously with nature will in itself bring happiness and contentment." – Amma

Inspired by Amma and videos of the various Amritaculture initiatives, I have been taking a closer look at all that Nature has to offer. Living in an urban environment, I see a lot of buildings. No matter how great the design or innovative the materials, they are no match for Mother Nature. The more I looked, the more amazed I was to see just how unique all of her creations are. And not only are her creations beautiful to look at, they all serve a purpose...whether we understand them or not.

So many different kinds of leaves

One day, I started looking at leaves on the various trees and shrubs I pass on my regular walks. I started to realize how many different shapes and designs there were on these leaves. In a short distance, I counted 27 different types of leaves! Leaves are responsible for cleaning the air of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They are only second to oceans as a source of oxygen. We owe our very breath to them!

Besides leaves, I spotted birds and animals that I had never seen before. The Heron in the photo was standing perfectly still at the end of a raging waterfall from a small dam. I hope with Amma’s grace and enough sadhana (spiritual practice), I can learn to be this still in the face of anything life throws at me.

The many faces of nature
As I started appreciating the uniqueness of everything in Nature, I realized that right above me, almost every day, I can find formations of clouds, not a single one alike. Besides being beautiful to look at, they provide rain and help regulate the Earth’s temperature...no small feat!
The many faces of clouds


One of the most incredible gifts from Mother Nature is the Ocean. Studies have shown that negative ions ( a small molecule that’s gained a negative electrical charge), found in very high concentrations near the ocean, have antimicrobial properties and mood stabilizing effects. But the most important role oceans play is to provide 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe via tiny oceanic plants called plankton. We are alive because of the ocean!

The many faces of the ocean

Speaking of being alive, we owe part of our existence to another tiny creature, the honey bee. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that 80% of crops making up the world’s food supply are pollinated by wild bees and other wildlife.

Bees and flowers
Finally, living in New England, we get to experience four distinct seasons that allow the Earth to rest in the Fall and Winter and come back fully rejuvenated and ready to be productive in the Spring and Summer. An added bonus of having four seasons is that it gives New Englanders something to talk about all year round!
The four seasons of new England
Let us pray for the wellbeing of all beings that serve us, silently and asking for nothing in return.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings everywhere be happy and peaceful).

Share your observations and photos about Mother Nature with us at info@greenfriendsna.org

- A New England devotee

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