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Q3 2021 GreenFriends North America Newsletter
Welcome to the Q3 2021 GreenFriends newsletter!

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This edition includes an excerpt from Amma’s Man and Nature, planting the seeds of Amma’s teachings through sustainable gardening, a visual prayer from an urban devotee, an interview with a supremely resourceful devotee, an AYUDH member’s experience volunteering with GreenFriends Farm and the announcement of Embracing the Trees - a tree planting initiative.

The end of summer has us enjoying the fruits of the growing season. While we are still not freed from the grip of the pandemic, we can at least pause, breathe deeply, and reflect on the selfless bounty that Nature provides. Amma says:

More than the knowledge of modern science, it is the deeper understanding of religion, the truth of the oneness of all Creation, which teaches humans to love Nature, and to develop a sense of reverence and devotion to all.

GreenFriends strives to communicate the importance of treating Nature with respect and gratitude. We invite each of you Green Friends to share your ideas and experiences with your own gardening efforts as well as experiences with nature.

Please send your stories, comments and feedback to info@greenfriendsna.org

Amma's Teachings on Man and Nature

Amma's Teachings on Man and Nature
An excerpt from the Booklet 'Man and Nature'

Read Amma’s Answers to Questions on Nature...


Amritaculture Sustainable Gardening
Planting the Seeds of Amma’s Teachings Through Sustainable Gardening
Amritaculture Sustainable Gardening is a GreenFriends initiative. It brings together all the principles of Sustainable Farming and combines it with Amma’s Teachings.

Read about Amritaculture Sustainable Gardening...


Wonders of Nature

The wonders of nature
Inspired by Amma and videos of the various Amritaculture initiatives, an urban devotee has been taking a closer look at all that Nature has to offer.

Enjoy a visual prayer on the Wonders of Nature...


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (In that Order)

Interview with George
In this lighthearted interview, George Wright explains some of the novel ways he saves energy, and reuses items in ways most of us have never even considered.

Read the interview with George...


Kabir's Journey with GreenFriends and the Bees

Bees swarm around the queen
AYUDH member Kabir started coming to GreenFriends Farm in 2018 as a Karma Yogi. In 2020, he got involved with Amma’s environmental sustainability initiatives. He found it to be very therapeutic as well as a way to offset his carbon footprint.

Read about Kabir's experience with the farm and the bees...


Introducing Embracing the Trees

Meditating with Amma
Amma's encouragement for us to plant trees has gotten stronger and taken on more urgency recently. Although we are willing to plant trees, many of us don't know how or where to begin. To that end, GreenFriends North America is introducing the Embracing the Trees initiative to support all MA Centers and satsangs as we work together to plant as many trees as we can.

Read about Embracing the Trees...


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