The 2018 Plastic Challenge
The Plastic Challenge is based on the Indeed Challenge, initiated at the MA Center New England to get people to adopt one of the tenants of Amma’s Indeed Campaign. Essentially, each participant was asked to commit to a goal and submit a few words about how they were going to implement or take action towards this goal. A slideshow containing a photo of each participant and their pledge was created and presented to Amma.

For complete details on the challenge of Source Reduction related to plastics, read the 3 Step Plastic Challenge.

The Plastic Challenge Components

  • Learn about the impact of current behaviors and usage as well as alternatives
  • Calculate your plastic footprint and pledge to make a measurable change by visiting this form
    • Calculate your plastic footprint using the Calculator
    • Click "Next",and decide what you want to pledge to Amma by taking actions of your choice
    • Choose how you want your pledge to be shared. Optionally, an e-mail will be sent to you with your responses (be sure to check your Spam folder)

      It is recommended you read these Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) if you have questions while filling out the form

Others Who Have Taken on the Plastic Challenge

MA Center Chicago Responds to the Plastic Challenge - Individuals step up to the plate to implement source reduction

Bringing Source Reduction to the Farmer's Market - Extending source reduction awareness through a local farmer's market

Pacific Northwest Does Source Reduction in Amritapuri - The PNW keeps finding more ways to make an impact locally and abroad

5 Ways MA Center Atlanta is Implementing Source Reduction - MA Center Atlanta is addressing plastic source reduction in mulitple ways

Make Your Own Non-Plastic Wrap - An easy-to-use recipe for using beeswax and fabric to make an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap

Small Things Matter - One Person's Response to Plastic Reduction - Small things matter, and they become large enough, the impact can be global

Pacific Northwest Tackles Plastic Source Reduction - The Northwest Region is organizing a statewide beach clean-up, focusing on plastic cleanup at Nye Beach in Newport,OR.

We've Got the Health of the World In Our Hands - MA Center's Amrita Bala Kendra group sings about reducing and replacing

Reusing Plastic Bags to Create Sleeping Mats for the Homeless - The mats are lightweight, provide protection from the cold and wind, do not attract bugs and are easily hosed off.

One Piece at a Time - Karuna details how folks in Seattle have dealt with the seeming indestructibility of plastic

Buying Less Plastic - Part 1 Dishwashing Soap by Vandita Smith, originally printed in the February 2016 Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Buying Less Plastic - Part 2 Multipurpose Cleaner by Vandita Smith, originally printed in the April 2016 Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Buying Less Plastic - Part 3 Laundry Detergent by Vandita Smith, originally printed in the May 2016 Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Buying Less Plastic - Part 4 Hand Sanitizer by Vandita Smith, originally printed in the November 2016 Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter

Beth Adler describes Discontinuing the Use of Plastic Bags

Do you have a personal story to tell about how you are working to address the problem with plastic? Send it in (preferrably with photos) to


The Current Problem


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