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Tree Planting Campaign
More Than 6,500 Trees Planted for Amma!

Thank you to everyone who planted a tree (or many) to honor our beloved Amma’s 65th birthday. There are some really awesome tree planters out there!

From the time our campaign started last September until it ended March 31st, people have reported planting a grand total of 6,526 trees!

May Amma bless all our beautiful trees with health and long life!

With so much enthusiasm from so many people, we are delighted to report that we have far surpassed our goal! But let’s keep planting...

Whether we keep track of the numbers or not, trees bless us with many gifts. Their beauty lifts our spirits. They keep us cool in the summer. They produce oxygen, and store carbon.

They reduce flooding, retain topsoil, buffer sound, and filter pollution from the air. As if that wasn’t enough, they provide homes and food for birds and wildlife, as well as food for us.

Pranams and a big thank-you to all who supported this project. Your efforts made this possible!

Just because the tree panting campaign is complete, it doesn't mean we shoud stop planting trees.

"Each family should grow trees and plants in their yard. Planting a tree is selfless service to society. Just as we enjoy the presence of trees planted by people in the past, we too should plant for the future generations. If we haven’t done any selfless acts, we should plant a tree or sapling; that would be a truly selfless deed, benefiting others and ourselves."
– Amma

Please send photos and stories about your tree-planting!

Once you plant your tree or trees, please send photos of it and/or your tree-planting stories to greenfriendsna@ammagroups.org. We will keep you posted on how our gift is coming along!

Also visit our Tree Planting Resources page for interesting articles, videos and information, including:

  • How to plant a tree
  • How to plant trees if you have no land
  • Why trees matter so much
  • Tree book and film reviews
  • A great informational tree poster
  • Resources for teaching children about trees, and downloadable tree coloring-sheets
  • Arbor Day’s tree finder, to help US residents choose the type of tree to plant
  • Diana Beresford-Kroeger’s website, which helps both U.S. and Canadian residents choose the type of tree to plant, and also has short videos and other info
Feedback From Those Participating in the Tree Planting Campaign
India's Enduring Love for Trees - India has a rich and long history of reverence and appreciation for trees

Truckee Graden Plants an Apple Tree for Amma - The Truckee Demonstration follows through on a pledge to planta tree for Amma

14 year-old Plants Trees and Plants on Deserted Island - As part of an AYUDH initiative, a group of teenagers and their parents planted ooer 2200 trees and planys on a deserted Hawaiian island

GreenFriends Farm Plants Fruit Trees - GreenFriends Farm community plants 350 fruit trees and 800 native companion plants

Pacific Northwest Tree Planting Report - The Pacific Northwest region has planted 908 trees

Redbud Trees in Oklahoma - Shyamala Speth planted 30 redbud trees in Oklahoma

Western Red Cedar - Vijaya Taylor plants a tree in Victoria, BC

40 Trees in Victoria - David Muncaster plants 40 trees in Victoria, BC

An Apple Tree for Amma - The Truckee Demonstration Garden pledges to plant an apple tree for Amma

Tree Planting at Amrita Farms - Amma Center of Michigan plants 100 trees

Planting Trees at Upper Fanno - Volunteers in Portland, OR plant nearly 500 trees

Tree Planting at Maltby Farm - The Pacific Northwest takes up the tree planting pledge

A Birthday Hazlenut Tree for Amma - Lynda Burton plants a baby hazlenut


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